Little Books and Little Cooks
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Lesson 2: MyPlate

The objectives of this lesson for parents is to read a book about MyPlate to a child, to state five food groups and categorize food into each group and to practice ways to engage and support children in the cooking process.

Children completing this lesson should be able to repeat the names of MyPlate food groups (dairy, protein, vegetables, fruits and grains) and recognize different foods from each group and demonstrate how to rinse and scrub fresh produce; use measuring cups, measuring spoons, a vegetable peeler; how to chop produce; stir ingredients; and grate cheese

For instructors, this page will provide:

You may also download all of Lesson 2: My Plate as a pdf.

Pre-Kindergarten Standards

This lesson will help children learn:

Creative Thinking: 2.PK1., 2.PK.2b, 2.PK.3, 3.PK.2/Physical Development: 6.PK.1, 6.PK.2, 6.PK.3/Language: 2.PK.1, 2.PK.2, 2.PK.3, 4.PK.7, 7.PK.1a, 7.PK.1b/Social Studies: C13.PK.1/Social Emotional: 1.PK.2b, 2.PK.1b, 2.PK.2, 2.PK.3b, 4.PK.1b, 4.PK.1d, 5.PK.2b, 6.PK.1a, 6.PK.1c/Mathematics: 1.PK.4a, , 1.PK.4b, 2.PK.1, 3.PK.1, 3.PK.4/ Science: P.PK.1, P.PK.3, P.PK.5/Health: 1.PK.1, 1.PK.3, 1.PK.5, 1.PK.8 (Nevada Pre-K Standards)

The Little Books & Little Cooks program will help children learn:

Parenting Message

Each lesson it is important to remind parents that, while their child is learning and enjoying the cooking and reading activity, they too are learning as Little Books & Little Cooks is a parenting education program. To help emphasis this, during the lesson introduction, the instructor shares a “parenting message” based on the USDA 10 Tips: Be a healthy role model for children. The instructor provides one tip, with the last lesson covering four tips, and the class briefly discusses this. Instructors can also talk about positive parent-child interaction opportunities during today’s lesson, or other parenting skills, based on the needs of the parents.